Jalin Turner - Official UFC® Profile
6-3-0( S-N-U )
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Rekord: 6-3-0
Zusammenfassung: Creativity, timing, Fight IQ

Fighter Info

Spitzname: The Tarantula
Heimatort: Los Angeles, California United States
Heimatstadt: Fontana, California United States
Alter: 23
Größe: 6' 3" ( 190 cm )
Gewicht: 155 amerikanische Pfund ( 70 kg )
Reach 77"


TRAINING: Wake up, get ready for my first practice, usually at Carlson Gracie Temecula. Warm up my HP meals breakfast, get my son ready, take him to one of his grandmothers, then hit the road. Takes about 45 minutes to get to Carlson’s. An hour plus to RVCA if it's sparring day. Finish that session, then drive home, see my family for a bit, then hit my next session at Adrenaline. After that, hit Riverside MMA for some overtime.
Thoughts on opponent, Max Mustaki? He’s a tough guy. Brown belt. I see this fight ending in the first, possibly second.

When and why did you start training for fighting? I started training at a gym March 9, 2013. I went to a fight team tryout at Adrenaline MMA. I started training on my own a little prior to this. I started seeing potential in myself being a fighter after I started boxing friends in backyards after school in high school.

What ranks and titles have you held? I've held the California fight league amateur lightweight title and the southern California regional title.

Do you have any heroes? My hero is my mom - she's gone above and beyond for myself and my sisters. Also, Steve Irwin

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? Fighting in the UFC is where my legacy begins. Everyone will know the name Jalin Turner soon. It's a dream of mine that's coming true, but it doesn't stop there. I'm going to achieve greatness in the UFC cage.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I did not go to college. I chose to pursue fighting and I gave myself four years to fight in a big promotion to make something out of myself.

What was your job before you started fighting? I worked at Marshalls, Amazon, Nordstrom and most recently UPS. I left UPS to completely focus on this fight.

Ranks in any martial arts styles: Purple belt in jiu-jitsu

Favorite grappling technique: Heel hook and triangle

Favorite Striking technique: Straight left

  • Pro since 2016
  • Has won four of his last five and two in a row
  • Six first round finishes
  • Five wins by KO, one by submission (Triangle)
  • Four wins in 1:40 or less


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