9-1-0( S-N-U )

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Rekord: 9-1-0
Zusammenfassung: Kickboxing, Power

Fighter Info

Heimatort: Davenport, IA USA
Alter: 28
Größe: 6' 0" ( 182 cm )
Gewicht: 155 amerikanische Pfund ( 70 kg )


Versuchte Schläge
54% erfolgreich
Arten erfolgreicher Schläge
61% im Stand
Verteidigung gegen Strikes


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13% erfolgreich
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{0}% Subm.
{0}% Ausbrüche
{0}% Sweeps
Takedown Defense
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Training: Morning practice at 10:00- Strength and Conditioning followed by some drilling and technique. Then nap and back to the gym at 6:30 to do live sparring and grappling with the rest of the team.

When and why did you start training for fighting? I started fighting out of the blue at a local weekly show. I just signed up one night and fought and loved it. I've been addicted ever since.

What ranks and titles have you held? Glory Fighting Championships Lightweight Champion

Do you have any heroes? All of my family, Pat Miletich, Tom and Terry Brands, and everyone I train with because they make me a better fighter.

What is your favorite technique? Throwing bombs. LANDING bombs.

What does it mean for you to fight in the WEC? It means everything - it’s the top of the ladder for fighters in the lighter weights. It’s what I've been working to get to for years and I finally made it.

What was your job before you started fighting? I was in the Marine Corps and served in Iraq and I'm still in the reserves. Before that I was a truck mechanic at a dealership.

Most memorable professional fight (who, where, why)? That would have to be my fight against Allen Hernandez in Glory Fighting Championships. It was my first fight at 155 and it was a true test of my heart because I got the fight on short notice and had to cut a lot of weight fast. I got beat on pretty bad the first half of the fight, I fought off a deep submission in the second round and after that I came back and finished the fight in the third round with a KO.

Who were your training partners for this fight? LC Davis, Junior Hernandez, Nick Spohn, Jesse Lennox, and I did a lot of my strength and conditioning with Luke Guyton.

Did you put more emphasis towards a fighting style or adjust your training to prepare for your opponent (what did you do differently/why)? Not really. I basically did the same things I usually do to train for a fight. The only thing I tried to do was stick with right handed sparring partners.

What, other than WINNING, are you using for motivation for the fight? Just the fact that I'm finally fighting in the WEC. I've got to earn my stay and fight to the best of my ability. If I do that, I'll be able to stick around for a while and make a name for myself.

What is your favorite thing about this sport? My favorite thing about MMA is that it tests your warrior spirit and your true killer instincts. There's no better athlete and no better human weapon than a real Mixed Martial Artist, and no sport more entertaining to watch than two guys beating the hell out of each other.

How long do you see yourself staying in this sport?
Until I feel like my body can't take it anymore!


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