Jhenny Andrade one of the most beautiful ring girls in the UFC.

An artist since she was a child, the beauty started to shine at 6 years old. Doubling as a Brazilian presenter in Brazil, she was such a big success in Ribeirão Preto that she presented for a local show for kids.

This was just the first round in Jhenny’s life. After that there were fashion shows, lingerie photo shoots for famous brands, TV commercials and much more.

When she was 18 she decided to move to São Paulo. The dream of the big city was scary but also exciting.

In São Paulo, Jhenny got an invitation to write for VIP magazine, one of the most prestigious men’s magazine in the country.

In her column named – The Perfect Girlfriend – she told experiences of how men saw the perfect woman. Jhenny learned to make barbecue, change an electric shower, and play soccer.

The success of her column was so big that it lasted for 6 and a half years and was the third most read section of the magazine.

With all that it was time to wear the UFC belt. Jhenny was picked to be part of the octagon girls team. As she says herself, “in the beginning it was all new and different. Today I am part of the delicious adrenaline and I am in love with fighting.”

Your perfect man: Doesn’t have to be pretty.

Most Handsome man: Fiuk

Most beautiful woman: Megan Fox

Most handsome Fighter:  Lyoto Machida

Favorite music/band:  Dave Matthews Band

What do you do to keep in shape: I go to the gym and train Muay-Thai. I fell in love with both.

Day in the UFC that marked your life: Watching José Aldo fight. 

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