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Rekord: 27-5-2
Zusammenfassung: Pat is a well-rounded fighter who combines Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submissions with wrestling takedowns and Muay Thai striking.

Fighter Info

Spitzname: The Croatian Sensation
Heimatort: Davenport, IA - USA USA
Alter: 46
Größe: 5' 10" ( 177 cm )
Gewicht: 180 amerikanische Pfund ( 81 kg )


Versuchte Schläge
45% erfolgreich
Arten erfolgreicher Schläge
52% im Stand
Verteidigung gegen Strikes


Takedowns gesamt
56% erfolgreich
Arten erfolgreicher Takedowns
{0}% Subm.
{0}% Ausbrüche
{0}% Sweeps
Takedown Defense
Prozentsatz verhinderter Takedowns
Ergebnis Kämpfer Event-News Str TD Sub Ausbr Methode Replay
Matt Lindland 22.03.2002
20 1 0 2 R1 KO/TKO
Pat Miletich 1 0 0 0
Pat Miletich 29.06.2001
10 1 0 2 R2 KO/TKO
Shonie Carter 14 0 0 0
Carlos Newton 04.05.2001
14 4 1 1 R3 Submission
Pat Miletich 28 0 0 1
Pat Miletich 16.12.2000
16 3 2 2 R2 Submission
Kenichi Yamamoto 3 0 0 0
Pat Miletich 09.06.2000
9 2 1 2 R2 Submission
John Alessio 1 0 2 0
Pat Miletich 16.07.1999
13 0 0 0 R2 TKO - Doctor's Stoppage
Andre Pederneiras 10 0 0 0
Pat Miletich 08.01.1999
27 3 0 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Jorge Patino 19 1 1 1
Pat Miletich 16.10.1998
19 1 0 0 R3 Decision - Split
Mikey Burnett 24 2 2 0
Pat Miletich 13.03.1998
6 0 1 1 R1 Submission
Chris Brennan 2 1 1 1
Pat Miletich 13.03.1998
18 0 1 2 R2 Decision - Split
Townsend Saunders 13 2 0 0


Training Style

“I’m doing a lot of sparring. A lot of ground grappling . A lot more intense than I have training in the past.” Pat feels that he benefits greatly from having many good fighters with backgrounds in various styles that work out with him at his school. Pat’s regular stable of top fighters include Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, and Jeremy Horn to name a few. "It’s going great. They are tough guys. Usually our toughest fights are in our room" Pat says that he is doing more explosive, plyometric type training for this fight.

UFC History

Pat made his UFC debut in the UFC’s first ever under 170 pound tournament at UFC 16, "Battle in the Bayou". He defeated Olympic Silver Medal wrestler, Townsend Saunders, by a close decision and then defeated alternate Chris Brennan by submission to win the tournament. He was supposed to fight Lion’s Den fighter Mike Burnett in the finals but Burnett had to withdraw due to a hand injury. Pat fought Burnett at Ultimate Brazil to determine the first UFC Lightweight World Champion and won a split decision.

At UFC 18 Pat defended his title against Brazil's Jorge Patino. Patino had a reputation as a fearless fighter but choose to run away from Miletich for the majority of the fight. When the fight would go to the ground, Miletich easily got back up, looking for a knockout blow, but Patino would just start running away in circles again. Miletich remained undefeated in the UFC when all three judges gave him the decision.

At UFC 21 Pat defeated Jiu-Jitsu champion, Andre Pederneiras to retain his championship in 2:20 of the second round by doctor stoppage. Miletich had an incredible amount of support from the crowd. Most of this match was spent on the feet exchanging punches and a few leg kicks, as well as the occasional clinch. Miletich got the better of the punching. In the second round Pederneiras threw a leg kick that was countered by a straight right hand of Miletich. The punch opened a cut over Pederneiras' eye. After a clinch Pederneiras pulled Pat down into his open guard but Pat just stood up out of it. When Pederneiras stood up he was bleeding profusely so referee John McCarthy brought him over for the doctor to check him out. The doctor ruled that he could not continue and Pat Miletich once again defended his Lightweight title.

At UFC 26 Pat defeated shark Tank fighter John Alessio by armbar Submission at1:45 of the second round.

At UFC 29 on 12/16/00 Pat defeated Kenichi Yamamoto in 1:57 of the second round by guillotine choke.

At UFC 31 (5/4/01) Miletich lost the Welterweight title to Carlos Newton when he was forced to tap from a choke at 2:50 of the third round. Pat was ahead on the judge’s scorecards and looked sharper than he had in a long time before getting caught. “I felt great. I was having fun out there. I knew he was getting tired so I tried to finish him. I made a mistake and he capitalized on it.”

UFC 32
Former UFC Welterweight Champion Pat "Croatian Sensation" Miletich began his comeback by scoring a spectacular KO win over Shonie "Mr. International" Carter. Miletich had previously battled to a controversial decision win over Carter, but this time the outcome was utterly conclusive.

Miletich fought like man driven to regain the championship he lost by choke to Canadian Carlos Newton at UFC 31. "The Croatian Sensation" struck home with lightning-quick kicks and punches to the head and body of the startled Carter.

At 2:18 of Round 2, a high kick to the back of Carter's head sent him to the mat in a state of semi-consciousness; forcing a TKO victory for Miletich. The devastating quickness and power Miletich displayed against the formidable Carter only highlighted the remarkable achievement of his conqueror Newton. It was difficult to believe anyone could withstand the technical perfection and unyielding pressure that composes the fighting style of Miletich.

UFC 36: Worlds Collide - Pat losses by TKO in round 1 by (strikes - 3:09) to Matt Lindland

Pat is 8 and 2 in the UFC.

More Information

Pat has a lot of MMA experience with over thirty fights on his record with only three losses. His first loss was a controversial doctor stoppage against Matt Hume in Extreme Fighting. At the end of the first round the doctor checked Pat’s nose because he had taken a shot from a knee. Pat’s nose had been broken before and when the doctor felt the previous break he thought it was a new one and stopped the fight. Pat also has losses to Jutaro Nakao and Jose "Pele" Landy-Jons.

Pat has had to deal with a number of injuries including a partial rotator cuff tear, a jammed shoulder, some cartilage damage, and back spasms due to SI joint problems. He has undergone extensive rehabilitation and says,” I’m really solid now. My back is solid, my shoulder is solid. It feels really good. I’m back to bench pressing 335 to 340 pounds. I’m running really hard, wrestling really hard, sparring really hard. My endurance is up. My strength is up.”

Pat is not only a fighter and trainer but also a huge fan of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and has been involved in debates with local politicians over whether this sport should be legal or not. Pat competed in football and wrestling in high school and won the Mid-West Muay Thai Championship in 1996. “Carlos is a great athlete. When we fight again I will push him as much as possible. He WILL get tired and I’ll fight my fight and not make any mistakes.”


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